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Why use Dashbird?

Serverless architectures fundamentally changes how we develop, deploy and monitor applications. Managed services won’t provide access to the underlying hardware and software platforms, thus traditional ways of monitoring - such as using daemons - will not work.

Services such as AWS Lambda also comes with its own limits and idiosyncrasies: limited memory and execution time, retry-behavior, and many others may create side-effects that can easily become monitoring nightmares.

Composing multiple services for compute, data storage, queues, etc. magnifies the problem. The number of potential issues is multiplied by the interactions and dependencies throughout the cloud stack.

Running such architectures at scale is even more challenging. At each level of traffic, we cannot expect the stack will behave homogeneously. Perhaps AWS Lambda functions will scale faster than a database, for example.

Dashbird is designed to provide CTOs, Cloud Architects and Developers with ways to navigate such complex problems while achieving a high degree of visibility and quality in any serverless architecture.

Dashbird was created by serverless developers, for serverless developers. We walk on your shoes every day. Our goal is to make your life easier and give you peace of mind in successfully managing serverless back ends at scale.

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